The Pure Language of God
The Pure Language of God
 A Pure Language of Numbers
   There has been much speculation concerning a "Bible code" which has been exploited in recent literature and movies.Could there actually be a code to find hidden truth in Scripture or prove Biblical inerrancy?  About 1600 years ago St. Augustine wrote:  Ignorance of numbers, too, prevents us from understanding things that are set down in Scripture in a figurative and mystical way. (Augustine, Saint, On Christian Doctrine – Book II Chapter 16 Available [Online] ) Gematria, the use of the numerical value of words has been used to study Biblical text to find hidden truth.  This is possible, since Hebrew and Greek, the languages of the Old Testament and New Testament, respectively, both use the characters of the alphabet as numerals.  As a result each letter and therefore each word has a specific numerical value in addition to a specific meaning.

   I have only a basic understanding of gematria, and I am illiterate in Hebrew and Greek.  Also, I am not a Biblical scholar.  However, circumstances of life affected me such that I had prayed for enlightenment regarding the truth of Holy Scripture.  I felt guided by the Holy Spirit to use gematria, despite my ignorance of the methodology and the languages, to study Scripture. 

  Those who are expert in gematria insist that the only way for it to be valid is to use the words of the original translations of Scripture.  In my ignorance, I had used the Hebrew and Greek words indicated for the King James Version of the Bible as shown on the website E-Sword, thinking these were the words of the original translation.  Using these words I found numerous numerical correlations which confirmed what the Bible says about Jesus.  Only later did I discover that these words are simply the primary spelling of the words according to Strong's Concordance, and which change according to their use in the sentence in keeping with rules of grammar.

Despite having learned that the original translation involved various different spellings for words of a specific meaning, I had found so many instances of "proof" for what the Bible says about Jesus, that I was convinced of having been given a revelation of the way to prove Biblical inerrancy.

   It seems impossible that the gematria evidence which came to me, not of my own intellect, but through a subconscious inspiration could be entirely coincidental.  In the Old Testament book of prophecy, Zephaniah, there is a verse that says: For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon thename of the Lord, to serve him with one consent. Zephaniah 3:9.  The Hebrew word for "turn" can be translated in several ways, and indeed, in various translations of the Bible it is translated as "return," "restore," and "give."As mentioned, gematria experts insist that the original translation of Scripture be used when determining the numerical values.  However, this is a problem, because the original translations of much of the Old Testament was almost certainly written in paleo-Hebrew (see Wikipedia - Paleo-Hebrew Alpahbet), an ancient form of written language which is far different from Biblical Hebrew, and still different from the accepted Hebrew translations of Scripture that were not standardized until the middle ages (see Wikipedia - Bible translations), and from which translations into Greek, Latin and eventually English and other languages are taken.  In addition, there is signifcant variation in early Greek translations of the New Testament, (see Wikipedia - Textus Receptus). Although the translations are amazingly similar, there are definite differences. Since there are differences in the translations, how can anyone know the one translation which holds the only truth by numerical values?  Perhaps the pure language is the language of numbers, which can be found in all words; a pure language, irrespective of rules of grammar.  If this be so, and the truth found in the Bible can be confirmed through the numerical value of words, then people might be convinced of the reality of Biblical inerrancy and call upon the name of the Lord.

   In the pages on this website, I will present some of the gematria evidence which I have recorded, not as the result of any wisdom on my part, but only as I was inspired to discover through the Holy Spirit.  The findings related to what is claimed in the Bible regarding Jesus confirms what any Christian believer would accept as truth according to Scripture.  Some of the other gematria findings are likely to be controversial, but I have used the same consistent method throughout.  This method does not use the actual translation with the spelling of words according to proper grammar, but a "shorthand" form of translation which uses the root words in Hebrew or Greek for each word of appropriate meaning as identified  in Strong's Concordance.  One may say that this method is invalid, but the numerical confirmations of truth are simply remarkable. Each person will have to determine for themselves if this is a coincidence of astounding proportions, or evidence for Biblical inerrancy.  

Hebrew alphabet gematria table:











ך  כ
























ם מ

ן נ














ף פ

ץ צ














Greek alphabet gematria table:
     Alpha              Beta               Gamma            Delta              Epsilon            Zeta              Eta
     α  Α                 β  Β                γ  Γ                   δ  Δ                ε  Ε              ζ Ζ                η Η
       1                      2                    3                        4                   5                  7                   8

     Theta                 Iota               Kappa            Lamba              Mu                 Nu                Xi
      θ Θ                   ι Ι                   κ Κ                  λ Λ               μ Μ               ν Ν               ξ Ξ
       9                      10                    20                   30                  40                 50                 60

     Omicron              Pi                  Rho                Sigma               Tau             Upsilon           Phi
        ο Ο                 π Π                 ρ Ρ                 σ ς Σ                τ Τ                υ Υ              φ Φ
         70                    80                100                  200                 300               400              500

        Chi                 Psi                Omega
        χ Χ                ψ Ψ                 ω Ω
        600                700                  800
The gematria examples which will be shown on this website will include the Strong's number of each word so that anyone so inclined can see for themselves that I have used only the primary spelling of each word, and that the appropriate word in either noun or verb form is used.  This can be checked by using either of the two websites which I used: E-Sword and The Bible Wheel.  The first website has free software which can be downloaded with the King James Version of the Bible showing the associated words in Hebrew and Greek according to Strong's Concordance for each verse.  The  second website also lists the numerical value of every spelling of each word in both languages, and the words of the "original" translations as well.  Below are the gematria tables for the values of each letter in the alphabet for both Hebrew and Greek languages.
I have postulated that the "pure language" is a language of numbers which is the numerical value associated with all words.  If that is so, then hidden truth can be revealed by the numerical values.  Scripture says: I said, Surely thou wilt fear me, thou wilt receive instruction...  Therefore wait ye upon me, saith the Lord, until the day I rise up to the prey: for my determination is to gather the nations, that I may assemble the kingdoms, to pour upon them mine indignation, even all my fierce anger: for all the earth shall be devoured with the fire of myjealousy.For then I will turn to the people a pure language, thatall may call upon the name of the Lord, and serve him with one consent.  Zepahaniah 3: 7-9.  Whether or not the meaning of these verses is that God will "turn" or restore a pure language, or that the language of the people will change and they will return to the Lord, the truth is confirmed by the numerical value of the words.

Thus (H3541) saith (H559) the Lord (H3068) God, (H430) I will turn (H2015) to (H413) the people (H5971) a pure (H1305) language. (H8193)
כּה אמר יהוה אלהִים הפך אל עם בּרר שׁפה
385 + 402 + 110 + 31 + 105 + 86 + 26 + 241 + 25 = 1411

TURN/RETURN/BE CONVERTED (G1944) = επιστραφεις = 1411

Thus (H3541) saith (H559) the Lord, (H3068) I will turn (H2015)to (H413) the people (H5971)a pure (H1305) language. (H8193)
כּה אמר יהוה הפך אל עם בּרר שׁפה
385 + 402 + 110 + 31 + 105 + 26 + 241 + 25 = 1325

Now, observe the numerical value of the following root words in Greek.

THE PURE (G2523) LANGUAGE (G1258) OF GOD (G2316)
Κατηρος δια̍λεκτος Θεος = 401 + 640 + 284 = 1325

   Words fromZephaniah 3: 7 confirm that the instruction  receveived from God will be the pure langauge. 

I (H595) said, (H559) Surely (H389) thou wilt receive (H3947) instruction. (H4148)
אנכִי אמר אך לקח מוּסר
306 + 138 + 21 + 241 + 81 = 787

בּרר שֹפה
385 + 402 = 787

(H389) thou wilt receive (H3947) words (H1697) of instruction (H4148) from (H4480)the Lord (H3068) God. (H430)
אך לקח דּבר מוּסר מן יהוה אלהִים
86 + 26 + 90 + 306 + 206 + 138 + 21 = 873

(H1305)LANGUAGE (H8193)OF GOD (H8193)
בּרר שׁפה אלהִים
86 + 385 + 402 =873 

   In Zephaniah it is written that the pure language will be given at a time of God's fierce anger when He is about to destroy the earth.
We are rapidly approaching the time of the end, and God is now revealing His pure language of numbers so that all will call upon His name.

In the day (H3117) of my fierce (H2740) anger (H639)I will turn (H2015) to (H413) the people (H5971) a pure (H1305) language. (H8193)
יוֹם חרון אף הפך אל עם בּרר שׁפה
385 + 402 + 110 + 31 + 105 + 81 + 264 + 56 = 1434

TONGUE/LANGUAGE OR DIALECT (G1100) = γλωσσας = 1434

(H3588) thou wilt receive (H3947) instruction: (H4148) therefore (H3651) wait (H2442) ye upon me saith (H5002) the Lord, (H3068) for (H3588) I will turn (H2015) to (H413) the people (H5971) the language (H8193) of God. (H430)
כִּי לקח מוּסר כּן חכה נאם יהוה כִּי הפך אל עם שׁפה אלהִים 
86 + 385 + 110 + 31 + 105 + 30 + 26 + 91 + 33 + 70 + 306 + 138 + 30 =1441

 (G1100) = γλωσσης =1441

Thou wilt receive (H3947) instruction: (H4148) therefore (H3651) wait (H2442) ye upon me saith (H5002) the Lord; (H3068) for (H3588) I will turn (H2015) to (H413) the people (H5971) my language. (H8193)
לקח מוּסר כּן חכה נאם יהוה כִּי הפך אל עם שׁפה
385 + 110 + 31 + 105 + 30 + 26 + 91 + 33 + 70 + 306 + 138 = 1325

THE PURE (G2523) LANGUAGE (G1258) OF GOD (G2316)
Κατηρος διαλεκτος Θεος = 401 + 640 + 284 = 1325

   The pure language has been revealed so that every truth hidden in the words of Scripture can be interpreted, and this is confirmed by the only word which has the same gematria value as the following sentence using root words taken from Scripture.

Thou wilt receive (H3947) instruction: (H4148) therefore (H3651) wait (H2442) ye upon me saith (H5002)the Lord; (H3068) for (H3588) I will turn (H2015) to (H413) the people (H5971) a pure (H1305) language. (H8193)
לקח מוּסר כּן חכה נאם יהוה כִּי הפך אל עם בּרר שׁפה
385 + 402 + 110 + 31 + 105 + 30 + 26 + 91 + 33 + 70 + 306 + 138 =1727 

(G1329) = διερμηνευετω =1727

   In the Book of Daniel it says: But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets...  Daniel 2: 28.  God has now revealed His secret langauge of numbers.

God (H430) the Father (H1) shall reveal (H1540)His secrets. (H5643)
אלהִים אב גּלה סתר
660 + 38 + 3 + 86 = 787

(H1305)LANGUAGE (H8193)
בּרר שׁפה
385 + 402 = 787

The secret
(H5475) language (H8193)of numbers (H4557) shall be revealed. (H1540)
סוֹד שׁפה מספר גּלה
38 + 380 + 385 + 70 = 873

(G3588) number (G706)of words (G3056)
Ὁ ἀριθμος λο̍γος = 70 + 430 + 373 = 873

(H1305) LANGUAGE (H8193) OF GOD (H8193)
בּרר שׁפה אלהִים
86 + 385 + 402 = 873

   In Zephaniah, it says: "thou wilt receive instruction."  The Bible says: All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instructionin righteousness.  2Timothy 3: 16   The meaning of the Greek word translated as "inspiration of God," more accurately means "divinely breathed in."  Gematria shows that the pure language of  numbers is the divinely breathed instruction from God.

God (H430) breathed (H5397) instruction. (H4148)
אלהִים נשׁמה מוּסר
306 + 395 + 86 = 787

(H1305)LANGUAGE (H8193)
בּרר שׁפה
385 + 402 = 787

Scripture, which is the pure language of God that has come to mankind for instruction, is said in the verse from 2Timothy to be profitable for doctrine and reproof.

Instruction (H4148) shall come (H935) from (H4480) God. (H430)
מוּסר בּוֹא מן אלהִים
86 + 90 + 9 + 306 = 491

(G1319) =διδασκαλιαις = 491

Thou wilt receive
(H3947)instruction (H4148) from (H4480) the Spirit (H7307) of God. (H430)
לקח מוּסר מן רוּח אלהִים
86 + 214 + 90 + 306 + 138 = 834

REPROOF (H8433) 

Instruction received from God that is profitable for doctrine and reproof has been committed to writing in Holy Scripture.

Instruction (H4148) shall come (H935) from (H4480) the Lord (H3068) God. (H430)
מוּסר בּוֹא מן יהוה אלהִים
86 + 26 + 90 + 9 + 306 = 517

WRITE/COMMIT TO WRITING (G1125) = γεγραμμενος = 517

(H4148) shall come (H935) from (H4480) the Spirit. (H7307)
מוּסר בּוֹא מן רוּח
214 + 90 + 9 + 306 = 619

(G1125) = γραφει = 619
  (G1318) = διδακατοις = 619

(H4148) shall come (H935) from (H4480) the Spirit (H7307) of the Lord (H3068) God. (H430)
מוּסר בּוֹא מן רוּח יהוה אלהִים
86 + 26 + 214 + 90 + 9 + 306 = 731

WRITE/WRITE UNTO/SEND A MESSAGE (G1989) = επεστειλαμεν = 731

Thou wilt receive
(H3947) instruction (H4148) from (H4480) the Spirit (H7307) of the Lord (H3068)God. (H430)
לקח מוּסר מן רוּח יהוה אלהִים
86 + 26 + 214 + 90 + 306 + 138 = 860

(G1125) = εγραφαν = 860
(G5179) = τυποι= 860

(H3605) instruction (H4148)is found (H4672) in the words (H1697) of Scripture. (H3791)
כּל מוּסר מצא דּבר כּתב
422 + 206 + 131 + 306 + 50 = 1115

All (H3605) Scripture (H3791 )is doctrine (H3948) and instruction (H4148) in righteousness. (H6666)
כּל כּתב לקח מוּסר צדקה
199 + 306 + 138 + 422 + 50 = 1115

WRITE/COMMIT TO WRITING (H1125) = εγραφατε = 1115

(H6944) Scripture (H3791) shall be (H1961) Spirit (H7307) breathed (H5301) words. (H1697)
קדשׁ כּתב הִיה רוּח נפח דּבר
206 + 138 + 214 + 20 + 422 + 404 = 1404

(H1125) = φραφω = 1404

   What is written in Holy Scripture was given by the inspiration of God, and this is confirmed by gematria using root words in  proclamations of Biblical truth.

All (H3605) Scripture (H3791) comes (H935)from (H4480) a revelation (H2377) and shall be (H1961) words (H1697) of instruction (H4148) from (H4480) the Lord (H3068) God (H430) the Father. (H1)
כּל כּתב בּוֹא מן חזִיוֹן הִיה דּבר מוּסר מן יהוה אלהִים אב
3 + 86 + 26 + 90 + 306 + 206 + 20 + 81 + 90 + 9 + 422 + 50 = 1389

(H3791) shall be (H1961) instruction (H4148) in righteousness (H6666) received (H3947) from (H4480) the Spirit. (H7307)
כּתב הִיה מוּסר צדקה לקח מן רוּח
214 + 90 + 138 + 199 + 306 + 20 + 422 = 1389

(H6944) Scripture (H3971) shall be (H1961) words (H1697) from (H4480) the mouth (H6310) of God (H430) unto (H413)man. (H120)
קדשׁ כּתב הִיה דּבר מן פּה אלהִים אל אדם
45 + 31 + 86 + 85 + 90 + 206 + 20 + 422 + 404 = 1389

GIVEN BY THE INSPIRATION OF GOD (G2315) = θεο̍πνευοτος = 1389

   Truly, all Scripture is given by the inspiration of God.  God has also inspired the development of the Hebrew and Greek languages which were used to record His word.  God's pure language is a language of numbers so that all truth will now be made known.  This has been done so that all will call upon the name of the Lord, and serve Him with one consent.  I have shown only a few of the many gematria correlations which confirm that the pure language is a language of numbers.  Examine these examples and the ones to be found on the other web pages of this site, and consider whether or not this is a revelation of truth, or simply coincidental.

   There are several ways in which the numerical value of words have been used to evaluate Scripture.  As I am not an authority in these methods I will not attempt to explain them.  The method that I used involves the calculation of the gematria values for phrases or sentences composed in Hebrew, or less often Greek, and using that value to find significant associations.  In my limited exposure to gematria I had seen where Hebrew words and phrases from Scripture related to the Messiah, in a number of instances has the numerical value of 888, which is the gematria value for Jesus in Greek.  At first I used this method in the attempt to confirm Biblical inerrancy regarding what is written concerning Jesus by computing the gematria values of phrases or complete sentences consistent with what is written in Scripture regarding Jesus.  The goal was to arrive at specific numerical values equal to that of "Jesus," "Christ," "Jesus Christ," and "Lord Jesus Christ, " in Greek.  As I was using this method, I then discovered a remarkably frequent association of individual words, most often in Greek, which have the same numerical value as that of the total for the sentence composed with Hebrew words.  These amazing correlations were found for randomly obtained numerical values, without prior knowledge of what words might be found for each particular value.​